FATW6 – Adventures in Mosaic Crochet – Garden Theme – Strip 4 – Roselyn Motif by Carolann Tuffo

We are excited to see a lot of interest in this Garden Theme blanket of FATW6. Each strip is so beautiful and we know that the blankets will turn out fantastic. Strip 4 is a pretty design called Roselyn Motif, by Carolann Tuffo. Here is what we learned about Carolann. Do be sure to follow her on her social media.

“My name is Carolann Tuffo, from New York, USA. I have been crocheting for around 8 years. I
had a great aunt who tried to teach me when I was a kid but she worked so fast I could never
keep up with her. I got back into crocheting after working at a craft store for a few years and had
a co-worker who just made the most interesting and beautiful things. I was convinced she could
crochet anything, so a few years after I left the craft store, I decided to try it again and I was
hooked. I started designing my own patterns a few years ago after attempting a mosaic pattern
designed by someone else and I fell in love with the technique so I said to myself, I’m pretty sure
I can start designing my own patterns…and I did. I went to school for Art Education and have
experience in all sorts of arts and crafts from painting, drawing, glass blowing, metal sculpture
and pottery, which I started doing in the 10th grade of high school and was my main love for
many years. I love crochet because it incorporates the designing and creating elements that
most creative people need in their life. It keeps my hands and my mind busy and has no limits to
what can be created. Its magic with a hook and some yarn.”

Contact and store info:
Email: KittyCrochets@gmail.com
Instagram @KittyCrochets
Etsy: TheKittyCrochetShop
Ravelry: TheKittyCrochet

Here are the photos from our Makers. The beautiful pattern really stands out in any colorway.

Link to pattern on Ravelry:


If you are not a member of the Facebook Group CAL – Crochet A Long, you can request to join here and then join the event. You will be able to get to the Event if you are a member. Do share your photos.

Facebook Group

Link to the Event if you are already a member of CAL – Crochet A Long.



So far for this Garden themed blanket the patterns are

Strip 1 – Flamboyance by Lana Ignjatovivc

Strip 2 – Picket Fences by Suzanne Lively Boren

Strip 3 – Falling Leaves by Carola Herbst

Strip 4 – Roselyn Motif by Carolann Tuffo

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