SNOWFALL 2021 CAL by Jessica Wifall – Part 5

Spices Snowflakes

Today we have our 5th installment of the Snowfall 2021 CALSaffron (paid – included in the CAL ebook) and Paprika (free pattern).

The schedule is as follows: 

Each release will have a FREE pattern and a PAID pattern. During the CAL patterns will only be released on Ravelry, each release will be one free and one paid pattern, for a total of 12 patterns. The paid patterns will be available in an eBook that will add each pattern as we go and will have another PDF at the end with all patterns. It will be $3 US. When all patterns are released the complete eBook will also be available on Etsy for the same price for those who do not wish to use Ravelry.

Until next time….. and the FINAL installment…..

Happy Crocheting,


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