Monster Mischief CAL

I’m so excited to announce that CAL – Crochet A Long will be co-hosting a CAL designed by Pippa Everett of Craft Pixie!!!

I’ve known Pippa for some time now. She’s a talented designer and an all around wonderful, fun and creative person. I’ve tested for her and you might also remember her as a contributing designer for FAT6! Here are a few of the things she’s designed in the past:

Retro Leaves Placemat

(January 2021)

(I was a tester) 

Afternoon Tea 

FATW6 design 

(November 2021)

Norm the Nordic Gnome

(November 2021)

And before we get to the nuts and bolts of the coming CAL, I thought it would be nice to get to know a little bit about our designer.

Here is a brief Bio that Pippa has prepared for you to read:


Hi, I’m Pippa, better known to my friends as the Craft Pixie! I sew, I crochet, I knit – in fact my craft cupboard is testament to the number of crafts I’ve dabbled in over the years. But yarn and fabric have always been my medium of choice.

I live in a place called Great Notley Garden Village, around 50 miles North East of London. It sounds quintessentially English, and despite it being purpose build around 30 years ago, it truly is. We have a pub on a village green where children play football and we occasionally see the odd cricket match. I count myself lucky to live here, as there are open spaces, play areas and a Country Park just across the road. I live with my husband, cats and, for the moment, my grown-up children.


I learned to knit first. My granny allowed me to progress from finger knitting to proper knitting when I was about seven. Interestingly, despite being an avid crocheter herself, she never taught me that technique. I had a few unsuccessful goes at some patterns on my own, but quickly gave up. Roll on thirty years and I had the urge to try crochet once again. This time it all made sense. Then I discovered overlay mosaic crochet and it ticked so many boxes for me. As a Data Analyst and Programmer in a previous life, it appealed to that mathematical side of me and allowed me to use spreadsheets and programs once again. It also gave me a vent for all the ideas swirling around in my head. Relatively recently I decided to take crochet pattern designing seriously … and now there’s no going back!


Around 10 years ago I decided it would be fun to set up a website and shop. Craft Pixie was born. It has been a great way of expressing myself and has allowed me to try out new ideas. I’m ecstatic when someone likes my designs enough to purchase one. Craft Pixie is an eclectic space, with crochet and sewing patterns plus games and packaging – anything I can design using a computer and offer digitally!”

Have you been waiting for pictures of the Afghan and pillow??? Well you are in luck, here they are!!!

And Finally, here’s what Pippa has to say about her CAL:

“ I am very excited to introduce you to my very first CAL: Monster Mischief. It’s a six-week CAL with a new monster pattern released every week, plus a bonus floor-cushion pattern in the last week. It is made using basic overlay mosaic crochet techniques and so is ideal for the adventurous beginner. If you have never used this technique before, I have also included a technical annex, which has instructions on stitch formation, hints and tips. It’s a great way to give this method a go.

Monster Mischief is my googly-eyed version of the varied monsters in Space Invaders. Being young in the 80s, this was my go-to game of choice. For the CAL, I wanted to create some monsters with personality and cuteness. I started to imagine a motley crew, all living together in a little house in the woods, and the monsters evolved.

Each monster has their own personality, name and story! I think my favourite is Pobble, but you can decide which you like the best. I hope you enjoy the patterns as much as I have enjoyed creating them. They are perfect for that little person in your life.

And none of this would be possible without my testing team – Donna, Laurene, Fiona, Silke, Pauline, Mary, Karen, Sally, Chip and Lourdes – who have been fantastic and have produced some fabulous variations of the pattern.”

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! Here is the CAL Schedule: ( links will be added below as each week is released)

Pre-Publication  – July 5- Introduction and Technical Annex

Week 1 – July 19 – Chart and stitch sequence to make Monster # 1 – Pobble

Week 2 – July 26 – Chart and stitch sequence to make Monster # 2 – Meep

Week 3 – August 2 – Chart and stitch sequence to make Monster # 3 – Edly

Week 4 – August 9 – Chart and stitch sequence to make Monster # 4 – Arlon

Week 5 – August 16 – Chart and stitch sequence to make Monster # 5 – Glot

Week 6 – August 23 – How to make the envelope/double border plus bonus floor cushion chart

(The individual pattern parts will be removed on 30th August and replaced by one document, containing all parts.)

Pippa has such a crafty and creative mind! You are sure to love her much as I do! Be sure to follow her so you don’t miss a thing! She’s got so many cool and creative things planned!


Craft Pixie Website

Craft Pixie Facebook Page

Craft Pixie on Instagram

Craft Pixie on Ravelry

Craft Pixie on Etsy

Also, please be sure to read the short story for each monster. They are sooooo cute!

See you at the CAL!!!  


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