Let Me Introduce You To Sarah Jane Athey

I’d like to introduce a new (to me) designer, Sarah Jane Athey.. She’s a designer of overlay  mosaic crochet patterns. I think you will really enjoy getting to know her and will fall in love with her designs, just as I have. 

Here’s a little information about Sarah, she’s prepared a brief bio for you to read:

“I have lived in Nottinghamshire UK all of my life which is also known for being the home of Robin Hood.

I have 2 children, a Daughter aged 25 and a Son who’s 17. I also have a dog called Tilly and a Tortoise called Sam.

I first picked up a crochet hook Christmas 2019 and became obsessed with crochet, trying all sorts of stitches and projects and then I found Mosaic crochet and I haven’t looked back. I was making my Daughter a blanket for her living room and couldn’t find one particular pattern that I needed so I thought I’d try and create it and I did, this pattern is Free Flow. 

After that I designed Diamond Flow, Tapestry Flow and Spiritual Flow. I’m constantly thinking of the next pattern, I love it! I’m amazed at how creative I can be with simple stitches.” 

She has created a Facebook Group that she’d love you to join. The group is dedicated solely to her own designs, which use the technique of Overlay Mosaic Crochet. She will be an active part in the group so you will be able to ask questions and receive suggestions and help with any of Sarah’s patterns. She’d also love it if you’d share progress pictures and finished projects within her new group. 

I bet you are wondering why many of her pattern  names have “flow” attached to them……well, here’s why….. her Dad passed away on Christmas Eve 2021 and she’s dedicating all of her designs to her Dad. “During the 80s he was a drummer  in numerous local bands and one band was called “With the Flow” so in case you were curious that’s the reason why” she included the word “Flow”……I think it’s a wonderful tribute to her Dad. ❤️

Please have a look at the below links to see all the wonderful patterns she’s designed.

Free Flow 


Tapestry Flow 


Diamond Flow 


Spiritual Flow (my all time favorite!!!)


And please do not forget to join her Facebook group!!!!  Here’s the link:


Here is the link to Ravelry:


I sure hope you enjoyed learning about Sarah and discovering all of her beautiful designs.

Until next time……happy crocheting


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