I’m happy to announce that Abi McIntyre’s Sholach is now a CAL!!! It first came out a little over a year ago. Then Mary Maxim discovered Sholach and made yarn packs….they can be found here at Mary Maxim Sholach afghan kit and finally, here we are today, making Sholach together! AND, Abi will be crocheting right along with us! How exciting!!

Sholach was designed for Abi’s friends Kelly, Craig and their family who run Sholach Christmas Tree Farm in Scotland.

The afghan is created by using overlay mosaic crochet. It will look great in almost any color and overlay mosaic patterns create a warm and cozy blanket to snuggle under during those chilly winter nights. Sholach will also look beautiful as part of your Christmas decor!

You’ll find the pattern in Abi’s Ravelry store. The pattern is officially named Sholach Mosaic Christmas Trees. But we like to just call her Sholach.😉 You’ll also find 2 patterns that would be a great addition to any Sholach project. One is a deer pattern which can be found here: Deer in the Woods. And the other is called Into the Woods and can be found here.

Once purchased, you’ll find the PDF has 6 easy to read charts, written instructions and you can select US OR UK terms. FYI, handsome kilted Scottish man is not included in the purchase of any pattern, unfortunately. You may have to travel to Scotland to find your own model. 😂😉

The sample seen on ravelry was made with Stylecraft Special Aran and will be 155cm x 115cm (61” x 45”) without a border if using an H 5.0 mm hook.

Abi has created an entertaining Sholach introduction video on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Please have a watch, her videos are always fun (and she has an amazing accent too)!

You’ll want to join her Facebook Group – Getyerhookon so that you can ask questions, see others projects and watch for Abi to post her current Sholach WIP. When sharing your progress on Facebook and Instagram please be sure to include the following #’s: #getyerhookon and #sholachmosaiccrochet

Additionally give her Facebook Page a like, follow her on Instagram and if you are looking for more patterns designed by Abi McIntyre you can go to her Etsy or Ravelry pattern stores. And for convenience all her social media platforms and pattern stores can be found in one place, here on


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