Design-a-Scarf 2022 Challenge – Voting


Edit: Monday, October 24th, 1:00 am

Voting is complete!!! We have an order!!! Below please find the order of release. Dates will be added later today.

Floral Reflections by Abi McIntyre – Tuesday, Oct 25th. Click HERE for the Floral Reflections release.

Button Bay Scarf by Merri Purdy – Friday, October 28th. Click HERE for the Button Bay Scarf release.

Brrrrr!!! By Pippa Everett – Monday, Oct 31st. Click HERE for the Brrrrr!!! Scarf release.

Sassenach by Sara Marsh – Thursday, November 3rd. Click HERE for the Sassenach Scarf release.

Mughal Scarf by Nazia Aziz – Sunday, November 6th. Click HERE for the Mughal Scarf release.

Argyle Scarf by Carol Scott – Wednesday, November 9th. Click HERE for the Argyle Scarf release.

Eisa Blanket Scarf by Pam Somner / Saturday, November 12th. Click HERE for the Eisa Blanket Scarf release.

Braided Little Squares by Sue Doran – Tuesday, November 15th.

Rainbow Among the Clouds by Lucilla Alfano – Friday, November 18th.

Stella Scarf by Lynette Kosar – Monday, November 21st. Click HERE to find the pattern.

Lizzie Scarf by Marjolein Kooiman – Thursday, November 24th.

Granny Scarf by Tracey Driver – Sunday, November 27th.

Copper Penny by Cynthia Sheblom – Wednesday, November 30th.

Ramak by Mahoor Designs – Saturday, December 3rd

Cosy Cubes Scarf by Dawn Spence – Tuesday, December 6th.

Meandering Scarf by Fleur Delport – Tuesday, December 6th.

Orchard Scarf by Tracey Driver – Friday, December 9th.

Spiral Scarf by Laurene Leeseberg Bluder – Monday, December 12th.

Winta Neck Scarf by Kavita Goel – Monday, December 12th.

Oyster Shell Scarf by Joey Lea Baird – Thursday, December 15th.

Classic Scarf by Jolanta Urb – Thursday, December 15th.

Dream Weave by Natalia Johnson – Thursday, December 15th.

Cream Scarf by Pam Kuloba – Thursday, December 15th.

Wondrous Waffle Scarf by Rebeca Greico – Sunday, December 18th.

June’s Scarf by Anne Waters – Wednesday, December 21st.

Ballerina Scarf by Mary Shehab – Saturday, December 24th.

Release order to follow ….. stay tuned !!!!


Phew!!!! It’s been a super busy 6+ weeks!!!’ The patterns have been written, the testing has been completed!!! We worked as a team and got this very large task completed!!! We had 5 admins hard at work, 24 designers submit patterns and around 30 different testers testing scarf patterns. AND we are from all over the world…… 15 different countries……USA, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, Italy, India, Belgium, France, South Africa, Scotland, England, Lithuanian, Switzerland and Pakistan ….. I hope I didn’t leave any countries out! 🤞🏻🙏🏻

ALL participants had varying skill levels. We had first time designers, new ish designers and established designers, new testers and experienced testers. The same applies to the patterns submitted…..some are beginner friendly, while others are intermediate and advanced. And just like the people behind the scenes, we have a very diverse, unique and original set of crochet patterns that range from scarf to cowl to shawl that can be worn as a scarf. And finally the crochet style…..we have regular crochet patterns, Tunisian patterns as well as the ever popular Overlay Mosaic crochet patterns. There is literally something for EVERYONE and EVERY skill level!!!

So…….on to the next step of this process! Now, we NEED 👉🏻 YOUR 👉🏻 HELP! Below you will find pictures of all the scarves!!! Some made by the designer, some made by a tester, ALL are beautiful, creative, stylish AND functional. Each will have a number on the picture and the number and name of the scarf as a caption below the picture. Please review them all. You will be voting for the order in which they are released. We will not reveal the designer until all voting is finished…..which is a week from this Sunday…..Sunday, October 23rd. Once we announce that voting is over, we will then reveal all designers as well as release dates for each scarf pattern. Well, not immediately, hopefully sometime Monday, October 24th. Lol 🤞🏻🙏🏻

We hope to release several patterns a week either on CAL – Crochet A Long’s Blog or on the designers blog, if they have one. The patterns will be free during the CAL. After the CAL has ended, the designers may choose to make it a paid pattern. Please remember that the schedule will be announced after voting has ended, so if you see a scarf you just HAVE to make, keep a close eye on this blog post as well as CAL – Crochet A Long

And don’t forget to VOTE!!!! Remember to write down the name and number of the scarf tou want to vote for, then head over to the Design-a-Scarf 2022 Challenge Album to view them again to be sure you’ve got it right. Lastly click on the POLL for voting. It will be pinned to the top of the group so that you can find it easily. You’ll have two opportunities to vote. You can hit the “like” button in the ALBUM to cast your vote and you can vote on the POLL. (The poll will only allow you to vote for one scarf.)

On to the scarf pictures. The scarf number will appear ON the picture, the number and name will appear in a caption just below the picture.

Have fun!!!!

#1 Sassenach Asymmetrical Scarf
#2 Ballerina Scarfigan
#3 Lizzie Scarf
#4 Button Bay Scarf
#5 Brrrrrrt!!!
#6 Mughal Scarf
#7 Granny Scarf
#8 Copper Penny
#9 Floral Reflections
#10 June’s Scarf
# 11 Cosy Cubes Scarf
#12 Winta Neck Scarf
#13 Cream Scarf
#14 Argyle Scarf
#15 Oyster Shell Scarf
#16 Spiral Scarf
#17 Stella Scarf
#18 Rainbow Among the Clouds
#19 Meandering Scarf
#20 Eisa Blanket Scarf
#21 Braided Little Squares Scarf
#22 Dream Wave Scarf
#23 Wondrous Waffle Scarf
#24 Classic Scarf
#25 Orchard Shawl
#26 Ramak Scarf

Please head over to the ALBUM and the POLL and cast your vote!!!


-Laurene ❤️

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