#4 – Button Bay Scarf by Merri Purdy of Purdy Sweet Crochet

Merri has been a long time friend and member of CAL – Crochet A Long. She’s an amazingly talented designer and we’ve been privileged to host numerous CAL’s for her in the past. They include : White Russian Poncho , Spring Capelet , Cat Island Beach Bag and Sand Dollar Beach Bag.

So to say I was thrilled when Merri decided to join Design-a-Scarf Challenge would be an understatement. And in her usual fashion, Merri has delivered a beautiful, warm, squishy scarf that will be perfect for winter. You’re going to love the Button Bay Scarf!

At the young age of 7, Merri was intrigued as she watched her mother, a woman who was self taught in the craft of crocheting, roll her skeins of yarn into beautiful balls of color. She remembers the excitement as she worked on her first ripple afghan the and the determination she felt to learn how to make beautiful yarn projects just like her mother. She loves all things crochet, and enjoys sharing her designs with others. Merri is now a retired educator from New York and recently moved to the Midwestern United States with her husband to be closer to her grandchildren. In addition to crocheting, Merri enjoys going on sailing adventures with her husband and has found great inspiration in nature and the many wonderful places we have ventured to on their sailboat.

You’ll find that the the Button Bay Scarf is a very versatile scarf that can be made in different yarn weights and fibers. I’ll be making one in a wool blend for our brutal Chicagoland winters. The scarf uses the feather stitch which, if you haven’t tried yet, is beautiful and lots of fun. The result is not only very pretty but also gives the scarf a thick yet lightweight feel.

Please head over to Merri’s Blog where you’ll be able to find the pattern. It can be found here for free, for one week (beginning Friday, October 28, 2022), then it will be available on Ravelry (November 8th).

Additionally, please go join her Facebook Group where’s she’s designed and has posted a matching piece to be worn with the scarf! You won’t want to miss out. These two pieces will make an excellent set for yourself or for a gift for the upcoming holiday season!

Merri used 3 skeins of Yarn Bee Soft Stitch, 100% Acrylic, (5.0 oz/210 yards/142 grams per skein): Her sample was made using the colorway #126/Blue Air.

The scarf design was inspired by the beautiful waters of Lake Champlain, which borders the Adirondack Mountains of New York State and the Green Mountains of Vermont, located in northeastern United States. Merri is an avid sailor and you’ll find themes of sailing throughout her work.

Merri has designed this pattern for intermediate and advanced crocheters. An adventurous beginner can easily complete this scarf with the help of the video tutorials which can be found on Merri’s blog .

Once you’ve mastered the stitches used to create this scarf, you will find that you want to use them again and again. So much fun to make! We hope you enjoy this scarf design and will share your photos.

Here are what our testers had to say…

Deb used Lion brand Jeans yarn in worsted weight. Color: Bermuda Shorts. Approx 370 yards without fringe.

“Adaptable to any weight yarn. Instructions are clearly written and very easy to follow. Merri has provided excellent videos for stitches that may be new to some. Beginner friendly but experienced crocheters will also enjoy this pattern. Looks like an intricate pattern but is very easy.”

Susan used Hayfield Spirit chunky yarn.

“The pattern required a little concentration at first and when changing stitches but but soon becomes second nature. Going to be making another in aran instead of chunky. I loved the pattern and the textures.”

Belinda used Little Purler, 100% Acrylic yarn in the color DB4677 for the main scarf. For the fringe she used Patons Courtelle, 100% Acrylic, 30g.

“This scarf is a lovely textured piece with a few new stitches for me to practice with. Merri added a few short videos to demonstrate the more technical stitches used. A well written pattern which is easy to follow and with the addition to the videos easy to complete.”

Anya used 2 skeins of Malabrigo Rios (colour 227 Volcano) 210yds (192m)/100g with a 5.5mm hook.

“The Button Bay Scarf was a joy to make. The pattern is well written and has good explanatory videos to help explain the new stitches. The scarf is worked along the side and grows quickly to give a lovely final project with beautiful textured stitches.”

The photo below shows the scarf hanging on an Australian native Grevillea with their lovely, unusual flowers.

Joke used Royal Zeeman, colour 28, 100 % acrylic (100 gramm – 241 m). She used 2,5 skeins (250 grams) with a 5.5 hook.

“Easy to follow pattern. Good explanation of the special stitches.”

Carol Ann used a yarn called Never Enough, grade 4 with a yarn 5.5 hook.
“The pattern was easy to follow. A great scarf with a lot of texture. Works up very fast. Very well written pattern with good videos to guide one on special stitches.”

Please join Merri’s Facebook group, favorite her in Ravelry and all the other awesome things you can do to follow her! She’s got some amazing things coming! You won’t want to miss them.

Here are all of her important links. Be sure to check them all out.

Purdy Sweet Crochet



Facebook – group

Happy crocheting!

– Laurene and Margaret

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