#17 – The Stella Scarf by Lynette Kosar

Can you believe we are already on our 10th scarf release in the Design-a-Scarf Challenge CAL hosted by CAL – Crochet A Long . Today we are featuring a beautiful scarf by Lynette Kosar of Lavender Cup Cottage.

She’s designed the Stella Scarf in overlay mosaic crochet. It’s a beautiful and versatile scarf that you can wear on cold blustery days to keep warm as well as to dress up your winter coat for a night out on the town!

The Stella Scarf is a great beginner pattern! You can customize the length to fit your needs. AND…..because of this it can easily be made for men, women and children!

Finished sizes can include:
20” x 8”
28” x 8”
36” x 8”
44” x 8”
52” x 8”
60” x 8”
68” x 8”
76” x 8”

And the color combinations are just endless and you can use any weight yarn!!! Thinner yarn will give you a smaller scarf while a thicker yarn will make a larger scarf. Have a look at the testers samples. Hopefully they will inspire you with color ideas for your own scarf!

Jamie’s comments and scarf:

“This pattern lends itself very well to a Crochet Along and to making a scarf. There are so many possibilities in terms of colors! The pattern was easy to follow and makes such a pretty design. It’s definitely perfect for people who want to get their feet wet with overlay mosaic crochet!”

Brandi has this to say about her scarf:

“Super easy and fast to make. Great for a last minute gift idea.”

She added extra yarn for fuller fringe and tied it in sections.

Debra’s scarf and comments:

“This pattern was easy to follow. And I would say beginners’ level. Super fun and quick to finish. Love this pattern.”

Savannah’s thoughts. Scarf and special friend:

“Loved it! The pattern was easy to follow and worked up quickly. The end result was really pretty and will be gorgeous worked up in a lot of different color combos. I loved that every other row was sc, so I worked half the pattern then started the row of sc, continued the pattern once I got caught up then finished the sc row. Can’t wait to see what colors others have used or will use for theirs.”

(Don’t you just love the photo bomb??? Lol)

Sarita’s scarf and comments:

Super easy for me. Normally, I need to keep track of the repeats. With this pattern, that totally wasn’t necessary.”

Nadine’s thoughts on the scarf and pattern:

“I found the pattern was very easy to follow and the result made it look more intricate than it really was which I feel is so positive. This pattern will be a great introduction to someone who has never done mosaic crochet. The color combinations are endless.”

Nadine did not want fringe so she did a simple envelope border just on the short ends of the scarf.

Marcy Jo has made two projects. Here are her thoughts on the scarf:

“I enjoyed working up this pattern – so much that I’m making my 2nd one! I followed the written pattern and it was very easy to follow. This is a great beginner pattern. And, as others have said, the color combinations truly are endless.”

Marcy added extra yarn strands

(The above scarf is my personal favorite!)

Linda’s scarf thoughts and fancy (but easy) fringe:

“Loved it! It was a quick make and I ❤️that I only had to ‘pay attention’ (count) every other row hahaha! The color options on this would be endless and the result is sharp!!!”

Linda did twisted fringe. 

(Look at this amazing twisted fringe!!!)

Lourdes’ Scarf:

Lynette has written a little bio for us to read so that we can get to know her a little better.

“My name is Lynette Kosar and I am the designer and owner of Lavender Cup Cottage Mosaic Crochet. I am from a rural area of northwester Pennsylvania where I grew up on a farm. I have 2 grown sons who I am super proud of! Now that the boys have grown, it’s just me and my loveable dog, Lucy.

I listed my first set of patterns on Etsy in March 2021, then Ravelry in June 2021 while working a full-time job.  It started as a side project, but I love designing so much that in September 2021 I took the big plunge and quit my job to design full time!  It was a BIG SCARY move but has turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself.  I gave up the stability of a regular income, paid vacation time and benefits, but I gained improved mental health and less stress being able to work as a designer doing something I love.  Since opening I have built a library of high quality and unique patterns. 

As a child my great grandma would often watch my sister and I while my parents were at work – especially in the summer when school was out.  When I was about 7 or 8 years old my great grandma taught me how to crochet.  First, of course, was mastering the chain!  It was always my goal to sit and make that chain as long as I could.  I would see if I could make it go down her hallway and back or go around the living room.  Every time I came back to visit I always had yarn to play with.  She also taught me single and double crochet, how to do spirals and how to increase and decrease.  I didn’t know how to read patterns back then, but the first thing I actually made was a little bear that I freestyled out of my head.  I was so proud of it and gave to my best friend. 

I design mosaic crochet patterns and currently have over 40 available.  Our best seller and most popular pattern is Penny’s Sunflower Farm.  This pattern makes a large blanket with a farm scene ~ working from the bottom of the pattern, you’ll see flowers and butterflies in front of a wooden fence with sunflowers growing just behind the fence, followed by a grassy pasture area and cows, barn and farmhouse.  Behind the farmhouse and barn are corn fields that extend to the horizon of a sunrise.

All of our mosaic crochet patterns include the charts and the written pattern. They have been tested by people with various levels of mosaic crochet experience. 90% of our patterns are great for a first-time beginner and the remaining 10% for anyone who has done at least one project or if you are brand new and up for a challenge! The only thing that makes some of our patterns more challenging is more counting and less repeats…. that’s it!”

Please join Lynette’s Facebook Group, like her Facebook Page and follow her on Instagram .

Be sure to favorite Lynette’s Ravelry store and Stella’s Scarf pattern. You can also find her patterns on Etsy.

You can find all of her important links here on Linktr.ee.

You will be able to get the pattern for free for 7 days here on this blog. After that the Stella Scarf will become a paid pattern on Ravelry and Etsy. Please find the pattern below.

The pattern can be found HERE in Lynette’s Ravelry Store.

Happy crocheting!



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