#5 – Brrrrrr!!!!! By Pippa Everett

Today we are featuring Pippa Everett’s Brrrrrr!!!! Scarf from the Design-a-Scarf Challenge. You might recognize Pippa from past CAL’s and patterns. Or maybe you saw her reindeer placemat and table runner Pattern that was just posted about in CAL – Crochet A Long. I was very fortunate to have met Pippa years ago while testing her Retro Leaves Place Mat. I went on to also test the Merry Christmas Banner and most recently the Monster Mischief CAL. She was also a contributing designer for FATW6 (Friends Around the World 6th Anniversary CAL) She designed and gave us the Afternoon Tea pattern.

Through the years and all the testing and CAL planning Pippa and I have had countless conversations and have really gotten to know one another. I always tell her what a “Hoot” she is!!! She’s got such a great sense of humor (and our brains work the same way, lol)! She is such a fun, interesting and creative person AND a very talented designer.

Pippa has such a whimsical and fun style. You’ll be able to see all of her patterns in her Ravelry Store or any of her other pattern stores (all links are listed below). And Brrrrr!!!! Scarf is no exception to her whimsical and fun style. The scarf is created by using the Mosaic Overly crochet technique and can be easily adjusted in size and thickness by using dk or worsted weight yarn. It can also be easily adjusted by adding additional “r’s” or exclamations points for a longer scarf or taking some away for a smaller scarf. It’s got great detail too…..right down to the icicles 🥶 created by thawing and refreezing…..it even has some tiny snowflakes ❄️.

Brrrr!!! Scarf is perfect for the fun loving children in your life or the adult that’s fed up with the chilly weather. Lol 😂 We all know how cold Winter can get. This scarf SAYS what EVERYONE is thinking during the cold winter months….and that is…..BRRRRRR!!!!!

Here are a few more of Pippa’s sample pictures:

Below you will find the Testers pictures and testimonials:. Hopefully they will provide some color inspiration.

Sally Norwood

“I enjoyed making this scarf. It was a well written and easy to follow pattern. I liked the fact that you could make the scarf as long or as short as you wanted.”

Diana Nechuta

“This pattern was fun to make and the designer has clear and well thought out directions as well as ample photos for the techniques used. Its easily adaptable to different lengths and width can be enlarged if you want to turn it into a shawl.”

Nene Bernhard

“This pattern was well written and very easy to follow,beginner friendly! would also make a great table runner or rectangle shawl.”

Donna Marshall

“I really liked this original way to depict winter time. The scarf is an easy and small project and an ideal Christmas gift for children and adults as well.”

Tracey Ferguson

“Lovely easy pattern, you can personalise it to you own length. Another amazing design by an amazing designer.”

Pippa Everett has written a little about the pattern and herself. Have a read and get to know her a little better.

“About my pattern:

Hi, I’m Pippa and I am very excited to present to you “The BRRR! Scarf”. It is made using simple overlay mosaic crochet and is ideal for the total beginner in this technique. I wanted to produce something a bit different, that might make people smile, and it’s as weird and wacky as me. It’s extendable and can be made in any two contrasting colours. Everything you need is included in the pattern. So, if you’ve been itching to try overlay mosaic crochet, why not give my pattern a go?! 

About me

I’m a middle-aged serial crafter with a passion for crochet. I live in a place called Great Notley Garden Village, around 50 miles North East of London. It sounds quintessentially English, and despite it being purpose build around 30 years ago, I suppose it is. We have a pub on a village green where children play football and we occasionally see the odd cricket match. I count myself lucky to live here, as there are open spaces, play areas and a Country Park just across the road. 

My crochet journey

I have tried many, MANY crafts. I’m pretty sure a lot of you out there have? We joke that if you need an unusual implement or craft accessory, I’ve probably got it! In the beginning I sewed, I knitted and I made things with paper. In fact, I have been crafting with fabric, yarn and paper for as long as I can remember.l My granny allowed me to progress from finger knitting to proper knitting when I was seven, but never taught me to crochet. I had a few goes at some patterns on my own, but with no one to ask, and no internet, a young child moves on to other things. Roll on thirty or so years and I had the urge to try crochet once again. I couldn’t find any instruction books, so I made it up as I went along, creating the stitches from memory. It was only around 10 years ago, when I joined a local crochet group, that I finally put names to the stitches I had been making!

Craft Pixie

Just over 10 years ago I decided it would be fun to set up a website and Etsy shop. Craft Pixie was born. It has been a great way of expressing myself and trying out new things. I have to admit that I run around like a mad thing when someone likes my designs enough to purchase one. It’s an eclectic space, with crochet and sewing patterns plus games and packaging – anything I can design using a computer and offer digitally! 

Why crochet?

I often ask myself why I have settled on crochet as the go-to craft. I love the look and feel of yarn, but I also like pushing boundaries and expanding my knowledge. I find crochet quick, adaptable and relaxing. I discovered overlay mosaic crochet a couple of years ago and I’m hooked (pun absolutely intended)! As a Data Analyst and Programmer in a previous life, it appeals to that mathematical side of me and allows me to use spreadsheets and coding once again. It’s a win-win. I now, tentatively, call myself a crochet pattern designer. I have also had some patterns published in the online magazine, Happily Hooked Magazine, and have participated in a Friends Around The World CAL. I now have a Ravelry and LoveCraft store as well as my original Etsy shop. I really hope you like my designs.”

Pippa x

Please head over to Pippa’s website where you’ll be able to find the pattern. It can be found HERE for free, for one week (beginning Monday, October 31, 2022), then it will be available for sale on Ravelry (November 7th). If you missed the free pattern, join her Facebook group The Craft Pixie , where you’ll be able to find a 20% discount code.

Please join Pippa’s Facebook group, like her Facebook page, favorite her in Ravelry and all the other awesome things you can do to follow her! She’s got some amazing things coming! You won’t want to miss them.

Here are all of her important links. Be sure to check them all out.




Facebook – Page

Facebook – Group



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