#1 – Sassenach Scarf by Sara Marsh

Today we release the 3rd pattern in CAL – Crochet A Long’s Design-a-Scarf Challenge CAL.

If you’re an Outlander fan, you know that “Sassenach” is actually a rather unkind Gaelic word that was used by Scots to describe the English. In the show, however, it’s become a term of endearment between the main characters, Claire and Jamie.

Sara Marsh of Wheat State Wool Co has designed the Sassenach Asymmetrical Scarf which is perfect for a date night or lunch with the girls! Her inspiration came from her fascination with the show that stems from personal family ties with Scotland. Sara’s grandmother was a Walsh and her mother’s maiden name was Montgomery. As part of the Montgomery clan, she feels strong tries to Scotland. She even has the messy auburn Scottish curls!

You can find the pattern here.

We asked Sara to share a little bit about her life as a crochet designer…

“I am Sara Marsh, owner of Wheat State Wool Co. I got my start at writing crochet patterns when I started up Sunflower Cottage Crochet. I had earned a great friend while testing for another tester and asked her to join me, which she did. Together, we ran Sunflower for a few years. Recently, she bought out my share of Sunflower to go solo and I started up Wheat State Wool Co. To this day, we are still great friends.

I have always wanted to add dyeing yarn to my list of skills, so this gave me the opportunity to do so. As of now, I have 9 colorways that are evergreen–you can get these made to order, as I have a formula for how to make them consistently. I also have many other experimental colorways and I am adding some evergreen Christmas colorways very soon! I continue to write patterns for crochet along with dyeing my yarns and selling them on Etsy. In addition to those, I have taught myself to knit and am obsessed with it, as well as teaching myself Macrame. I am a true lover of the fiber arts world! I even quilt! These things all help me cope with my recent medical situation, which was cancer caused by Lynch Syndrome. I won the war, but I came out with major battle wounds. I now have an ileostomy which makes going out and being part of the crowd a lot harder. Playing with yarn and writing patterns helps me in a big way, each day.”

You can also find Sara on Ravelry, Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook.

Tester Deanna told us this was a quick working pattern that everyone will enjoy! This design will pair well with many styles of clothing!

Amy, a co worker of tester, Susan, looks fabulous in her version of the scarf. Susan used Bamboo Joy by Premier. 50% bamboo, 50% acrylic.

“Elegant, and works in many different kinds of fibers and styles of yarn.”

Elaine tested the scarf with 330-335 yds of Premier Colorfusion DK and a 4 mm hook.

“This is a beautiful pattern suitable for solid or striping yarns and the size can be easily be customized.”

So if you’re living in the present or, like Claire, find yourself transported to the 18th century, you will look stunning in the Sassenach scarf! We hope you’re enjoying our Designer Scarf Challlenge CAL and please be sure to share your photos!

Happy crocheting!



One thought on “#1 – Sassenach Scarf by Sara Marsh

  1. hello,  sorry, but the links to the pattern are not working for me. tried the link that says ‘here’, and tried the link at the bottom of the page too – where you paste it into the browser.  Neither would work at all. was able to go to her fb page – nothing there in regards to this pattern tho. Some pretty yarns there.  thanks in advance for your help.  Without HIM there is no Life. Jo-An Prevatt


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