#6 – Mughal Scarf by Nazia Aziz

Good day everyone and welcome to the 5th pattern in CAL – Crochet A Long’s Design-a-Scarf Challenge. (More info can be found HERE .)

Today’s featured pattern is designed by a NEW Crochet Designer!!! Her name is Nazia Aziz. She has been an absolute DREAM to work with. She’s been so helpful and responsive to not only the admins helping her run the testing process but also to all of her testers. She’s such a sweet, creative and humble person. I just know you feel the same after reading the bio she’s prepared for us. (See below) Nazia has been soooo thankful for the help and soooo EXCITED to present her first design to our group!

I can fully understand her excitement because she’s really designed something special! The Mughal Scarf is elegant and beautiful AND versatile!

It starts out as a “granny square”. BUT, it’s not your Granny’s granny Square. Lol

It’s constructed in the round as usual but the stitches used make it a very delicate and lacy square. They are joined as you go which also adds to its beauty. Depending on the yarn color used you can make a bright and cheerful scarf or muted more conservative scarf. Additionally, this pretty little “granny square” can be used in so many things besides a scarf ! Let your creativity loose and see what fun things you can make!! I think it would be really fun to try making something with a bulky weight yarn!

Here are some of the designers sample photos. Isn’t her model adorable?!?! ❤️❤️❤️ And as you will see below, this scarf can be made to fit a child, an adult and can be made into various shapes. The traditional “v” shape as the designers sample shows, it can be made to be a “neck warmer” as in Michelle’s sample or it can be made into a traditional rectangular scarf as in Deanna’s sample. AND with or without tassels too. And no matter which version you decide to make, it’s sure to be just as gorgeous!!!

Below you will find the testers comments and samples.


“Adjustment made, since I was not blocking this, I only used ch 6 in the border, it was important to me that it stayed close together so it wasn’t too loose for the neck hole.

Beautiful relaxing pattern. It really enlivens the mind with ideas. Thank you so much for allowing me to test.”


“I loved the pattern, enjoyed working it, just was not happy with the yarn I chose, I used lion brand Vanna’s Glamour, 2 ply, hopefully washing it will take the stiffness and scratchiness out of it.”


“I love the versatility of developing this into whatever you want. I’m a heavier gal so making mine thinner and shorter was amazing as it tucks into jackets and sweaters beautifully. The pattern was good, i think the best process was to crochet the pieces together. I did try to sew them together later as a comparison but the strength and ease of the joins is so much better when built as you go!!”

The designer has prepared a bio for us to read so that we can get to know her a little better.

“I am Nazia Aziz, currently living in Lahore, Pakistan with husband and three kids( 2 boys and a girl). I am a pharmacist and a teacher. I have been crocheting since 2014 when I suffered from post partum depression after birth of my second son, and since now I am addicted to it.

Designing and writing a pattern was always a dream for me and CAL – crochet a long gave me the motivation and courage to do so. Mughal Scarf is my first ever pattern and it has been designed in inspiration from the rich historical culture and heritage of my city. Lahore has seen many faces as its emperors and Mughal Emperors are one of them. These emperors have left their landmarks, having beautiful and rich architecture. One of the prominent feature of their architecture is the geometrical motifs.

I tried to incorporate these shapes in to my design. Apart from that I always like things that are multipurpose and multi functional. Therefore my scarf is based on a granny square that can be used as many ways as anyone can like, that means Sky is the limit.

This motif can be used to make rectangle, triangle scarf or a pocket shawl or a cape shawl or a cardigan as well. I have added long fringes; their length can also be adjusted accordingly.

It can also be used to make cushion cover, bed spread or any other item as its up to your creativity.

Have a great time while making this design, happy crocheting”

You will be able to get the file for this beautiful scarf

Please like her Facebook page, follow her on Instagram and like and subscribe to Nazia’s YouTube channel. Do ALL the awesome things you can do to follow her! I can’t wait to see what she designs next! Im sure there are amazing patterns coming in the future!! You won’t want to miss them.

Here are all of her important links. Be sure to check them all out.

Facebook Page – 4z Artisans

Instagram – 4z_Artisans

YouTube Channel

I hope you enjoyed learning about a new designer and got some color inspiration from all the same scarves.

Happy crocheting!

-Laurene ❤️

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