#14 – Argyle Scarf by Carol Scott

I’m pleased to announce the 6th pattern release in the Design-a-Scarf Challenge CAL hosted by CAL – Crochet A Long ! This week we have a beautiful scarf designed by Carol Scott of CarolAnnCreates called Argyle Scarf!

This scarf will make a great addition to your winter gear! I can see adults wearing it on the ski slopes or children wearing it while sledding with their friends!

The Argyle Scarf design is done in overlay mosaic and tapestry as there are some rows that require 2 colors in order to form the pattern. And as such, this pattern will be considered an intermediate pattern. BUT, not to worry! Carol has made a video on how this is done. You can find the video on her YouTube channel. (Click “YouTube” to be taken to the video that shows how tapestry is done.) So if you are a confident beginner AND you watch the video on how tapestry is accomplished then you’ll be able to make one for yourself! And this scarf is something you should DEFINITELY make!

As you’ll see below, there are so many different options for colors!’ AND this scarf can easily be made for the man or boy in your life!!! What a great holiday gift this will make!!!

Additionally, why stop with a scarf? With a little thought and planning you could make a cowl or a matching hat and even a table runner!

Now for the fun part, here are some lovely samples from our designer and testers! Enjoy! ❤️

Designers picture:

Tester pictures and comments:

Sandi Willoughby:

“This pattern is lovely to work and the finished project is divine with a great drape”.

Jennifer Le:

“The Argyle Scarf is a beautifully designed pattern. It’s versatile and can be made into a scarf, cowl, placemat, or table runner. It is a bit challenging since the pattern combines both mosaic and tapestry techniques; however, if you are the adventurous crocheter, this is definitely the pattern to try. I find the written instructions and the chart easy to read and follow. I highly recommend this pattern.”

Mel Dusa:

“It’s a fun design that’s great to work on while watching TV because the repeats are easy to memorize, so you’re not staring at a chart the whole time. It works up pretty quickly and is definitely worth the effort to make it.”

Carol has written a little bio for us to read so that we can get to know her a little better.

Bio from Carol Scott of CarolAnneCreates:

I’m Carol and I’ve been designing crochet patterns for a couple of years now. I’ve been crocheting on and off for about 20 years and have dabbled in lots of other crafts from rug making to quilting. For a few years I was in a craft group that raised money for charity. I sewed bags, pouches and many other things. It was in this group that I started to sell small crochet bits and pieces. My owl key rings and small stuffed toys were very popular! My mother loved sewing so I guess I got the crafting bug from her.

I started designing crochet patterns with amigurumi but have now found my happy place with mosaic crochet. It’s so addictive! I just love seeing the designs slowly emerge from that piece of yarn and hook.

I live in Sydney, Australia. As a designer there are some unusual challenges living in the southern hemisphere. The time differences and opposite seasons to the northern hemisphere do make life interesting! Like making Christmas blankets when our Christmas is in summer! Christmas in July is fun though.”

You will be able to find the pattern HERE . It will be free for 7 days after which time Carol may decide to list it for sale so please be sure to download the pattern,

Please favorite Carol in Ravelry (as a designer and the Argyle Scarf pattern) subscribe and turn on the notification bell on YouTube and follow her in Instagram! She’s got some amazing things coming! You won’t want to miss them.

Here are all of her important links. Be sure to check them all out.

Pattern stores: Lovecrafts , Ravelry and Etsy

Social Media: Instagram


I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful Argyle Scarfs!!!

Happy crocheting!

-Laurene ❤️


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