Snowfall CAL 2022

One of our favorite designer is back with her popular Snowfall CAL…Jessica Wifall (Baby Henry’s Designer Heirloom CAL). This is the third Snowfall CAL and we’re so excited to share Jessica’s beautiful snowflakes with you. The CAL will work as it has in the past…there will be 12 total snowflakes, 6 will be free and 6 will be available via e-book on Ravelry. Every day for the next 6 days, two new snowflakes will be released. You can purchase the e-book for only $3.00 now to follow along as the new patterns are added each day. Alternatively, you can wait till the end when the complete e-book will be available on Ravelry as well as Etsy.

The first two patterns are available today…you can see that they are absolute masterpieces! You can find the patterns and purchase the e-book here.

Leaf Kiss Snowflake

Frozen Freeze Snowflake (free)

Enjoy and we’ll see you here tomorrow for the next two snowflakes!!!

Happy Crocheting!


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