Snowfall CAL 2022 Day 2

The second round of snowflakes is available now on Ravelry! Tire Roll (free) and Flower Wheel are spectacular! You simply must have these in your collection! The entire e-book is available here.

Tire Roll
Flower Wheel

The release schedule for all the snowflakes are as follows:

25NOV2022 ​Frozen Freeze (Free) & Leaf Kiss (Paid)

26NOV2022​Tire Roll (Free) & Flower Wheels (Paid)

27NOV2022​Night Diamond (Free) & Bear Waffle (Paid)

28NOV2022​Heart Love (Free) & Bubbles Escape (Paid)

29NOV2022​Cake Eater (Free) & Super Fire (Paid)

30NOV2022​Chocolate Chip eater (Free) & Explosion on Fire (Paid)

The patterns will all be released on ravelry during the cal and will be available at the end of the cal on Etsy. 

You can find more of Jessica’s designs at the following links…

Ravelry shop:

Etsy shop:


Enjoy these beauties!


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