Ramak Scarf by Mahoor Designs

CAL – Crochet A Long’s 14th!!! scarf from the Design-a-Scarf Challenge CAL is being released today!!

The Ramak Scarf has been designed by Mahoor Designs. This lovely scarf was inspired by an authentic Persian rug design.If you are a fan of overlay mosaic crochet then this is the scarf for you!! It is available in both a written pattern as well as a chart version for your crocheting convenience m.

It’s not only beautiful but it’s so much fun to make! It will make a great gift for the upcoming “gift giving season” and will keep you warm and toasty this winter too!

As you can see by the designers photos this scarf will make a great addition to your winter wardrobe! AND I think with a little creativity you can turn this into an infinity scarf or maybe even a matching hat! Let your imagination run wild!!!

The testers have done a fabulous job making the scarf and their color selections are outstanding! Please have a look, maybe they will will give you a little color inspiration for your own scarf!


This scarf was fun to make and the pattern was easy to follow. It is easily adaptable to different sizes, from child-size scarves to afghans, by simply adjusting the number of pattern repeats. The unisex design makes it a nice gift for anyone.


I have tried to do the mosaic stitch and kept failing, so was a bit nervous with this one, I managed to complete it with very few concerns and am now looking forward to doing more.

I loved how easy the pattern worked up and the written instructions were super easy to follow for beginners.


I found the pattern really easy to follow. I have only previously done mosaic squares. The pattern was very easy to understand to do repeats. I had no trouble following it once I got going and the pattern shows up beautifully. I now have a very nice scarf. It has also made me more confident in doing mosaic patterns, I look forward to doing more.

The designer has written a brief bio for us to read so that we can get to know her better.

“I was 10 years old when I first started learning crochet from my older sister. I was so fascinated with the way hooking created beautiful projects. I made my first project shortly after learning the basic stitches. It was a simple washcloth in white.


When I was a teenager, I started improving my crochet skills by using crochet books and magazines and trying to figure out how to read the charts by myself. It looked so hard and complicated at first, but little by little I learned the rules and followd them and the outcome was great.

The project were mostly mono color and doilies. Crochet was a great hobby but not an obsession for me until March 2020 when the first locked down happened in Vancouver. I lost my job because of Covid-19 and had nothing to do, so I started crocheting again after many years of being away from the crochet world. The first project I made was a doll for my niece as a Persian New Year present. I watched vidos on Youtube those days as I had zero experience in making Amigurumi.

On my son’s birthday (June 28,2020) I found Tinna on Youtube and my mosaic crochet journey began. I fell in love with this new technique as it was my first encounter to colorwork in the crochet world. I made a lot of projects, practicing overlay mosaic crochet, trying different styles from several designers, including Tinna, Rosina and some others ever since. But it took me a year to have the courage to publish the very first pattern of my own. Mosaic Pine Tree in two versions in square format (centre out) and then decided to convert it into flat format and then the 3rd version was born but it just published after my second pattern called INFINITY.

My 2022 New Year resolution was to design 100 patterns. I have worked on this cause since January and so far 25 new patterns are almost ready to be tested and be published during the year. Not a bad jump in the first quarter of the year. Let’s see how far I could go and how many of my patterns get published by the end of this year.

Mahoor Designs can be found all over Social Media. Here are all of the important links.:








Apart from crocheting, I am a big fan of theatre. I was on a big stage once when I was 25 years old and a university graduate in Iran and twice here in Vancouver with my husband and my son (Hamletak 2018) and (Delbar 2020). Of course I am not a professional actor. But I am a professional theatre translator and I have many published translations from English to Farsi about theatre, dramas, short stories and university textbooks on theatre, acting and dramaturgy.”

The scarf pattern can be found here for 7 days and then it will be available for purchase on Ravelry!

Here you’ll find the written pattern:


Please be sure to like, follow, subscribe, favorite and all the other fun things you can to to be informed of what’s coming next I’m the world of Mahoor Deaigns. Oh, AND…..be sure to join her Facebook group too! She has exclusive sales within the group frequently. So you won’t want to miss those!

Happy Crocheting!

-Laurene ❤️

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