Glady’s Crochet Scarf by Pam Kuloba

The next scarf in CAL – Crochet A Long’s Design-a-Scarf Challenge CAL is a fashionable and fabulous scarf called Glady’s Crochet Scarf designed by Pam Kuloba.

It’s a very danity and “lacy” scarf.

It will be great for cool nights and wonderfully warm for those blustery winter days! Perfect to be made in any color, fiber or weight yarn, as you’ll see below, the color combo are endless and each amazing.

Below you will find our testers pictures. They’ve done an amazing job!

Here’s a little more about Pam, taken from her website:

“I fell in love with this art as a young girl in Kenya, Africa. I remember that I was fascinated by the vibrant colors of the fabric and the unique designs the women of my village were creating. I would just sit there for hours just observing their techniques and then go home and try to replicate what I saw. I would use sticks or wires for needles and find anything thin for yarn. It was not until I was about 12 years old that I decided that I wanted a real hook and needles. I knew that as long as I got the needles, I could undo any old sweater and use it as yarn. So, when it was harvest time I decided to go glean in people’s farms and sell the maize to buy what I needed. Finally, I got my crochet hook but unfortunately, that year I couldn’t afford the needles. So, I gleaned again the following year and got them!

From there on, I continued to teach myself the basics of chain, knit/purl and single/double crochet by undoing sweaters then stitching them back together. I continued working so that I could purchase yarn. As time went on my skills advanced. Eventually, I went live with my uncle and my cousin for a summer. My Cousin was an experienced seamstress. She began to teach me different stitch patterns and how to shape garments. She would allow me to assist her in creating new unique garments and blankets, which made it easier for me to learn. I went back home and realized that I could utilize my new skills to help fund my education. I started by making baby dresses. After I would finish a large quantity, I would sell them at the local shops.  As I continued through high school and college, I became proficient in crafting baby garments, blankets and accessories. Eventually, I got married and had my own babies to craft unique clothes for.

A few years later I moved to the United States of America. The transition was difficult and overwhelming. I now had 4 children and a hardworking, handsome husband. My time had now become dedicated to caring for my family, so I stopped crocheting and knitting. It wasn’t until my very first granddaughter was born in 2016 when I picked up yarn and needles again. My passion for knitting was now reignited.  It brought me so much joy to create a unique blanket for my beautiful Ella. I continued crafting cardigans, dresses just for her. Then my daughter announced, she was having another baby girl. I was filled with so much happiness. New ideas started to flood my mind of the garments that I wanted to craft for my granddaughters. My passion for crocheting and knitting was now fully sparked.

Today, I make unique and vibrant art through crocheting and knitting for everyone in my family.  Oh, the joy that comes with providing someone with comfort and warmth.

Friend’s, let’s create together.”

You can find the pattern below.

You can find the designer at Pam’s Cozy Corner on Facebook, in her pattern store on Ravelry and Lovecrafts , on Instagram on her Website

I can’t wait to see your scarf! Please be sure to post them in CAL – Crochet A Long


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