Galaxies Far Away – **Week 17

And drum rolllll please!!!! The final 2 squares of this seriously out of this world CAL, designed by Janet Lindner are: Ketwol: Homeworld: Shimia Species: Pacithhip Occupation: asteroid miner and prospector • An enemy of the Galactic Empire, Ketwol supplied the Rebel Alliance with materials and information. On the day that the Empire invaded Mos Eisley, he personally forced… Read More Galaxies Far Away – **Week 17

Catghan CAL 2019 – **Week 15

Looking through the curtain at Window Kitty……Back to the kitty cats!!!! Wooooo the fishes may be swimming in your blanket, but no more bloop bloop bloops to crochet! Suggested Colors for Week 15: Yellow Lime Green Pink White Aqua Black Green Purple  Mulberry Blue . Pattern Link: >>HERE<< EVENT LINK: >>HERE<< Previously Released: >>Catghan CAL 2019 Links<<… Read More Catghan CAL 2019 – **Week 15