Design Contests

Design-a-Scarf Contest

Don’t you just love a contest?  We’re kicking off our Design a Scarf contest and can’t wait to see what you all come up with!  Want to know more?  Read on…

Contest at a Glance

WHAT: Design-a-Scarf Contest

WHERE:  Design-a-Scarf Contest Facebook Group Event

HOW:  Read all of these guidelines thoroughly!  Then contact Laurene Leesburg Bluder from our Facebook group.  Just message her directly and she’ll give you the lo-down on what else you need to know.

DESIGN TIME: Monday, Sept. 24- Monday, Oct. 29th (5 weeks)

ENTRIES SUBMITTED BY:  Midnight Oct. 29th (CST)

VOTING: Friday, Nov. 2nd – Friday, Nov. 16th (2 weeks)

WINNERS: 3 most popular scarves will be announced Monday, Nov. 19th.

PRIZE: Scarf patterns will become CALs, after testing, with the possibility of translation into other languages (depending on our translators workload and availability)

Rules and regulations:

  1. The scarf can be completely crochet, or have some other material in it. However, it must be at least 50% crochet. The scarf must be an original design which is designed by you. Any copied patterns will result in removal from contest.
  2. You must document the process.  For example, take a picture of all supplies prior to starting, write down the pattern as you go along, take additional pictures along the way (especially if there are difficult stitches or a difficult or hard to explain process). Patterns need to have a stitch guide with explanations of special stitches, an abbreviation list and material list with yardage/weight amount used as well as finished size.  Patterns must be submitted in a Word Document.
  3. You will have 5 weeks to create a fabulous scarf! “Design-a-Scarf” begins Monday, September 24th. Please join our Facebook Event to watch the creativity unfold.
  4. Scarf pattern to be submitted for judging, via private group.  It must be turned in by Monday, October 29th at midnight (CST). We (CAL Admins) will post the photos on our group page.  Names will be omitted from the photo, so please, no names/watermarks on your photos.
  5. CAL – Crochet A Long Group members will be asked to vote on scarves submitted. To place a vote, members will “like” a picture (s) in the event. No names will be provided during voting. Voting will last 2 weeks, beginning on Friday, November 2nd and will end Friday, November 16th. We will update you periodically as to which project is in the lead.
  6. You may submit as many scarf patterns as you wish, as long as they are 100% completely original designs, designed by you.
  7. Scarves must be in good taste and be family friendly. A submission will not be accepted if it does not meet this standard. All entries are subject to admin approval.
  8. Winner will be announced on Monday, November 19th.
  9. Prize: The top 3 scarves will become future CAL’s. Our testing team will thoroughly test the scarf before we present it to the group as a CAL. The pattern may also be translated a if the designer wishes.

Sounds good, right?!!!  If we’ve got you intrigued and you want to know what to do next, keep reading…

Designer Specifications

So you’ve decided to have a go at this!  YAY!

If you would like to participate, please first join the Facebook event.  Then send a private FB message to our admin, Laurene Leesburg Bluder to request to be added to a private, secret, invitation only Facebook group.  Click here to go to the event:  Design-a-Scarf Contest FB Event.  

Once you join the special group and zero in on a project, you’ll need to make an initial post in the private group that includes yarn and hook you’re using, as well as a picture of all materials being used.  We want to keep everything under wraps until the big reveal of all the projects on November 2, 2018. We’ll also need info like yarn brand, color, total yarn used in either weight or yardage, finished length/width and any other materials or supplies you will use.   Also include things like yarn, hook, scissors, needle, stitch markers and any additional materials or supplies.  Please ONLY post once in this group and be sure NOT to post on our main group page. 

In addition we will set up a group chat.  Questions should be asked in the group chat only so that all designers can see the question and answer.  We will provide more information about that after you have made your initial post in the private group.

Whew!  That’s a lot!  But now we’re on to the fun stuff…creating your project!

Once you get started, it’s important to write the down the pattern as you go so you won’t have to back track and remember what you did later.

Your pattern should ultimately include a materials list, stitch guide and abbreviations list.   Also include the finished size and, of course, the row by row/round by round written pattern.  Submit the pattern in a Word Document (including photos) to the private group on or before the deadline (midnight, October 29, 2018). No late entries will be accepted.

Remember that no patterns or pictures are to be shared/posted on the Event or our main Facebook group page.  Please make no mention that you are a designer throughout the contest.  Designers are meant to be anonymous until the winners are announced.  (Of course, you can still tell all of your crochet buddies privately.)

If your pattern is selected by popular vote to become a CAL, it will be tested by our design team and you will be responsible for making any any necessary corrections to the pattern prior to CAL starting.  Designers will also submit a brief bio, but we’re jumping the gun…we’ll have more info about all that later!

For now, we’re really excited to see your ideas!  HAPPY DESIGNING!!!!