2020 FATW5 Extra Rounds, Join and Border Links

Here you will find the downloadable documents for the Extra Rounds according to stitch count from the final round of your square. The documents will be added as there are released for squares. Under each document you will find the list of squares and the blog article related to that extra round set which will be updated weekly as well.

Extra Round Documents:

45 sts w/ch-sp corner (document)

42 sts w/ch-sp corner (document)

41 stitches w/ch-sp corner (document)

40 sts ch-sp Corner (document)

38 sts ch-sp corner (document)

  • Week 25 did not have a square….

Squares with non-traditional corners:

41sts with 3st corner (document)

40sts with 3st corner (document)

39sts with 3st corner (document)

38 sts w/ 5st corner (document)

34sts w/ 5st corner (document)

42 sts c2c (document)

44sts – no ch-sp (document)

Join Document:

(Coming February 2021)

Border Link:

(Coming March 2021)