2018 Friends Around the World CAL

44512367_2310981078974835_1763476583479246848_n  The Friends Around the World 3rd Anniversary CAL 2018 has officially launched!  What a fantastic collaborative effort of so many of our designer friends from around the world.

You can find everything here:

Base Rounds For Joining Claire Sutcliffe FATW3

Week 18: Atalia’s Star by Kogi Naidoo

Week 17:  Boxed Honeycombs by Bonnie Barker

Week 16:  Cables and Columns by Bonnie Barker

Week 15:  Tribute by Mikkel Beck Hansen

Week 14: Dvorah by Iris Fait

Week 13: Yona by Iris Fait

Week 12: Wheat Bouquet by Kate Veselunka

Week 11: Ngaru Moana by Maxine Sutherland

Week 10: Sea Glass by Stephanie Porkorny

Week 9: A Stitch in Time by Micki Devlin

Week 8: Arizona Winter Evening by Kristin Hartt

Week 7: Te Puna Aio by Patrina Hollis

Week 6: Dutchy Too by Ineke Mooijenkind

Week 5: Dutchy by Ineke Mooijenkind

Week 4:  Snow Maiden by Margaret Krueger

Week 3: Dahlia Delight by Shelley Husband

Week 2: Crosses by Valerie Bracegirdle

Week 1 :  Noughts by Valerie Bracegirdle

One More Day


Blanket Reveal!

Friends Around the World CAL Coming Soon!!!

Keep an eye on our Facebook Group Page, CAL – Crochet A Long for updates!