Galaxies Far Away Cal

Designer Janet Miller Lindner brings us a 19 week saga of 35 blocks, joins and a border for this amazingly obscure CAL. Be sure to check out each week’s releases below, along with all other important links!

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Muftak – Muftak – single crochet

Muftak – Muftak – c2c

Kabe Chandra – Kabe Chadra – single crochet

Kabe Chandra – Kabe Chadra – c2c

Jawa – Single Crochet Jawa File

Jawa – c2c – Jawa File

Nien Nunb – Single Crochet Nien Nunb File

Nien Nunb – c2c Nien Nunb File

AT ST – Single Crochet ATST File

AT ST – c2c AT ST file

Wampa – Single Crochet Wampa file

Wampa – c2c Wampa File

Hem – Single crochet Hem

Hem – c2c Hem

Ponda – Single crochet Ponda

Ponda – c2c Ponda

Myo – Single Crochet Myo

Myo – c2c Myo

Momaw Nadon – Single Crochet Momaw Nadon

Momaw Nadon – c2c Momaw Nadon

Admiral Gail Ackbar – Single Crochet Admiral Ackbar

Admiral Gail Ackbar – c2c Admiral Ackbar

X-Wing Starfighter – Single Crochet X-Wing Starfighter

X-Wing Starfighter – c2c X-Wing Starfighter

Bantha – Single Crochet Bantha

Bantha – c2c Bantha

Tauntaun – Single Crochet Tauntaun

Tauntaun – c2c Tauntaun

Oola – Single Crochet Oola

Oola – c2c Oola

Gamorrean Guard – Single Crochet Gamorrean Guard

Gamorrean Guard – c2c Gamorrean Guard

Jar Jar Binks – Single Crochet Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar Binks – c2c Jar Jar Binks

Watto – Single Crochet Watto

Watto – c2c Watto

Darth Vader – c2c Darth Vader

Darth Vader – Single Crochet Darth Vader

Padmé – c2c Padmé

Padmé – Single Crochet Padmé

Sandman: c2c Sandman

Sandman: Single Crochet Sandman

Garindan: c2c Garindan

Garindan: Single Crochet Garindan

Bom Vimdin: Single Crochet Bom Vimdin

Bom Vimdin: c2c Bom Vimdin

Dratun: Single Crochet Dratun

Dratun: c2c Dratun

Gume Saam: Single Crochet Gume Saam

Gume Saam: c2c Gume Saam

Tundra-Dowmeia: Single Crochet – Tundra-Dowmeia

Tundra-Dowmeia: c2c Tundra-Dowmeia

Sy Snootles: c2c Sy Snootles

Sy Snootles: Single Crochet Sy Snootles

Siiruulian Phantele: c2c Siiruulian Phantele

Siiruulian Phantele: Single Crochet Siiruulian Phantele

Salacious B. Crumb: c2c Salacious B. Crumb

Salacious B. Crumb: Single Crochet Salacious B. Crumb

Buboicullaar “Bubo”: c2c Buboicullaar “Bubo” Frog-Dog

Buboicullaar “Bubo”: Single Crochet Buboicullaar “Bubo” Frog-Dog

Boba Fett: Single Crochet Boba Fett

Boba Fett: c2c Boba Fett

Jabba the Hutt: Single Crochet Jabba the Hutt

Jabba the Hutt: c2c Jabba the Hutt

Greedo: Single Crochet Greedo

Greedo: c2c Greedo

Kardue’sai’Mollac: c2c Kardue’sai’Mollac

Kardue’sai’Mollac: Single Crochet Kardue’sai’Mollac

Ketwol: c2c Ketwol

Ketwol: Single Crochet Ketwol

BORDER/JOIN: galaxies far away sc us terms- edging and joining blocks

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