Super Bowl Sunday “Coin Toss” Make-a-Long MelRose Neckwarmer

Have you spent the previous years of Super Bowl Sunday sitting on the couch watching the game, wishing you had a crochet project to be busy with as you either watched the game OR wishing you weren’t watching it? Lol Or perhaps huddled into your cozy corner watching Netflix as the entire television is consumed… Read More Super Bowl Sunday “Coin Toss” Make-a-Long MelRose Neckwarmer

“Design-a-Scarf” Contest……pictures for voting!

The day has finally arrived! Today the voting begins! Our designers have been busy these last 5 weeks! They’ve been picking the perfect yarn and hook, thinking, dreaming, jotting down and sketching ideas, crocheting, frogging and crocheting some more…….until…….. the vision in their mind and the skeins of yarn became the beautiful scarf they knew… Read More Private: “Design-a-Scarf” Contest……pictures for voting!

Read More “Design-a-Scarf” Contest……pictures for voting!